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Ceiling Fan Installation and Maintenance

Ceiling fans provide hot and cool relief without taxing your heating and air conditioning systems. They also bring an added aesthetic value to your home. Additionally, these practical appliances bring relief during the winter months by forcing warmer air down to the lower parts of the room. Although ceiling fan installation seems pretty straight-forward, there are many factors involved that will help maximize the utility and safety of your ceiling fan.

Our expert electrical contractors at Sam Electric know the installation measurements and keys to making your fan highly efficient. They can replace light fixtures with fans or fan/light combinations and remove your old fans/lights after they install the new ones.

The electrician also performs routine maintenance on ceiling fans. These maintenance visits include checking the balance, oil, chain switch and/or remote control units. Our trusted and trained electricians at Sam Electric will install and maintain your ceiling fan safely and efficiently so you can enjoy comfortable temperature in your home year-round.