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An Introduction to Electrical Contractors Services Agreement in Scarborough

An Introduction to Electrical Contractors Services Agreement in Scarborough

Sam Electric’s Complete Guide to Electrical Contractors Services Agreement

Electrical Contractors ScarboroughAn Electrical Contractor Service Agreement takes place between a contractor and a client, here it’s you. The purpose of the agreement to set out the terms and conditions of the work and other associated aspects pertaining to electrical works. The agreement’s primary intention is to ensure the quality of the workmanship of Electrical Contractors in Scarborough along with the guarantee of materials used. The agreement also dictates the amount of money that the electrical contractor will be paid for the project.

It’s always advisable to opt for a written agreement rather than an oral communication. A written agreement is best to resolve any disagreements or miscommunications between a contractor and client.

Electrical Contractor Services Agreement contains the following provisions:

Electrical Contractors Services

Name of the Parties :The agreement should clearly mention the name and addresses of the client and the electrical contractor.
The scope of Work : The scope of work needs to be clearly mentioned in the agreement.
Quality : Contractor should use trained and experienced workers and perform all works according to the industry standards.
Payment/Other Expenses : States to decide the amount of money that the electrical contractor needs to be paid and the expenses will be paid by the property owner.
Insurance : The agreement sets the insurance requirements of both the contractor and the owner.
Warranty and Indemnity : An electrical contractor should warrant the workmanship & the materials for at least 5 years of time.
Term/Termination : The agreement sets out the start date and the options to the owner or contractor in terminating the agreement.
Dispute Resolution : All disputes need to be settled according to the rules set the competent authority.
Signature : Both the electrical contractor and owner need to sign the agreement paper.

If you still have any further doubts and queries pertaining to electrical contractor service agreement, you can always reach us 905-780-8048 or sam@samelectric.ca for further information. Representatives from Sam Electric are always eager to resolve any queries pertaining to electrical services.