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Questions You Need To Ask Electricians in Toronto

Questions You Need To Ask Electricians in Toronto

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If you need to consult a professional electricians in Toronto, ask the following questions to check whether the individuals you’re considering are fully qualified and reliable to perform work at a reasonable price or not.
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» Are You Licensed in This Municipality?
Although not all towns, counties or states regulate or require licenses for electricians, it’s necessary on your end to check first with the local building department. Ask the electrician, if he/she adheres the standards established by any code.

» Will The Electrical Panel Require Replacement?
The current National Electrical Code recommends 100-amp incoming electrical service. If you, a homeowner, want to upgrade the system, ask the electrician offer homes wired with 200-amp service.

» Who Will Apply For Permit?
If a permit is required, the electricians often make application on behalf of you – the homeowner. Permit is required, as few municipalities allow homeowners to do minor electrical works.

» Is the Home’s Electrical System Adequately Grounded?
Ground-wiring is the best way to protect a home and more importantly its occupants from electrical faults. It also helps to protect expensive electronic equipment such as computers, home appliances and more. An electrician can easily check and add grounding capacity if required.

» Are There Any Hidden Costs?
Before working with an electrician, you need to check if there are any hidden costs or not. If additional work is required, that needs to be negotiated or billed separately.

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» Will You Use All-Copper Wiring For Any New Installation?
Although 14-gauge wire is allowed in many circuits it’s smart to install 12-gauge wiring, but that might cost you more. This cost making it safer and more energy-efficient.

» Will the entire house needs to be rewired?
Unless you’re living in old homes, you probably won’t have to replace with the existing electric lines. However, if you require new electrical capacity then you need new wiring in certain rooms – not the entire house.

» Can You Provide References From Other Homeowners?
To know more about the work of the electrician, you better ask the electrician to provide references of previous homeowners with whom he/she have worked with.

If you still have any further queries pertaining to services of an electrician or electrical services, you can always reach us 905-780-8048 or sam@samelectric.ca for further information. Representatives from Sam Electric are always eager to resolve any queries pertaining to electrical services.