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Troubleshooting & Power Outages

A power failure in your house or apartment is a major inconvenience. Homes can experience a myriad of electrical issues and for a homeowner, these issues can be overwhelming. Ignoring your home’s electrical issues (even the small ones) can have costly and sometimes life-threatening consequences Our electricians are expert in troubleshooting faulty wiring issues, panel equipment and appliances. Our electricians troubleshoot hundreds of homes and business every year.

Sam Electric specializes in residential electrical troubleshooting and repairs. Our trained and equipped electricians encounter all types of electrical problems and have the knowledge and experience to tackle any residential electrical issue. They can provide comprehensive solutions, information, and the resources you need to make the best electrical decision possible. Our electricians provide prompt, often same-day service to our customers. If you have an emergency repair, contact us for immediate troubleshooting service.